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The Unique Turkish Hammam Treatment (something new in Burnaby)

Imagine your whole body covered in a special olive oil bubble foam. You might not be familiar with this treatment. It is much more than a regular massage. It is a relaxing and purifying treatment that cleanses the whole body. Turkish Hammam is the oldest cleansing bath ritual in the world. A beautiful [...]

The Unique Turkish Hammam Treatment (something new in Burnaby)2019-10-17T13:40:23-07:00

7 Sauna Health Benefits

Sauna is so old and yet so new for many. Also known as ‘bath house’, sauna has been around for centuries and has been interpreted in many ways, used by people and animals.

7 Sauna Health Benefits2019-10-31T11:22:02-07:00

Acne be gone!

Now that summer is coming to an end and many start or go back to college and high school, intense preparations take place to look better, including loads of conventional acne solutions and cosmetics to burn, make magically disappear overnight or to mask.

Acne be gone!2019-10-31T10:44:59-07:00

Try the Himalayan Salt room today

AIR QUALITY ADVISORY Right now in the lower mainland we are experiencing air quality advisory in effect due to the wildfires that are rapidly spreading and increasing throughout BC. Halotherapy (a holistic alternative treatment of breathing salty air) not only helps with asthma, bronchial infections and COPD but also is a tremendous [...]

Try the Himalayan Salt room today2019-10-17T11:25:11-07:00


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