December 3
5pm – 9pm

sold out
Dedicate a day to beauty, vitality and full body rejuvenation with the art and science of Thermal Therapy all in one experience at our wellness centre. Take off the mask and let your mind and body unwind, recharge and fully relax in the company of other women living in the west coast.

Ladies, please share this event with your girlfriends, and allow us to treat you all to an unforgettable experience!

What you get?

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sold out

Aromatherapy Class

Create your own blend in roller and spray bottles with Young Living Oils.

6.30 pm – 7 pm
8 spots

Reservation required
In order to attend this aromatherapy class Ladies Event must be prepaid.
Please, call or email us to reserve your spot.


Join our Aromatherapist, Shannon Matter for a fun 30 minute class where you make your very own roll-on and spray bottle to take home with you.
The Young Living oils are precious and powerful. Three important concepts will be discussed as you create your blends:

  • using a high quality carrier oil for making your roll-on

  • using pure water for making your spray

  • using glass not plastic for your bottles

The class includes:

  • 1 glass roll-on bottle

  • 1 glass spray bottle

  • 14 Young Living essential oils and blends to choose from

  • a premium, high quality, food grade olive oil for mixing the oils in your roller bottle

Dear Ladies Night Attendees,

If this is your first time visiting us please fill out digital sauna waiver online. It will make check-in process smoother and more enjoyable for all of us.

We do what we can to create a quiet place at Art of Sauna, however we can’t guarantee that the “no talking rooms” will be completely silent during our monthly Ladies Event, as we have larger groups attending. Groups tend to get chatting, noise levels slowly increase and before people realize it, they are talking loudly or in normal speaking voices instead of whispering or being silent.

If you prefer a quieter and more relaxing experience we advise you to book a treatment where you will have access to the massage lounge area. This is a quiet section where you can rest and have a cup of tea and a snack.

Every month our Ladies Event starts at 5 pm. We welcome our first guests at that time. If you have a treatment scheduled at 5 pm please arrive 15 minutes earlier to fill out a massage form.

The use of any outside lotions, soaps and minerals is prohibited in the sauna/steam rooms.

Please be advised that we do not supply shampoo, conditioner, or body wash on Ladies Night, so please bring your own shower needs. Unless you have treatment booked.

Please understand that your 10 and 20 visit passes can only be redeemed during normal sauna hours. Passes cannot be used for special events due to the extra services provided.

We value your attendance and patronage and will continue to host wonderful monthly events for you while you sauna!

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you next month!
Art of Sauna Management

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