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Key features of Rasul are armchairs for reclining, a massage table, and a floor with warm stone surface. The steam room is tiled with natural, sand coloured stone that creates background feel of Egyptian desert. Elements of multi-coloured, bright mosaic emphasize the national flair of Rasul. Temperature ranges between 40 and 45 C with humidity at around 60-80 %.

Rasul is the only sauna where cosmetic and healing mixes for the face and body can be applied. Sapropels, or so-called cosmetic and medicinal muds, clays of different compositions like blue, white and red, are especially popular. Wrapping with medicinal herbs and natural honey with possible addition of salt can be also used in the Egyptian steam room.

Thermal influence from the armchairs on the skin guarantees the best effect – blood circulation improves and the skin absorbs the healing substances contained in mud. Alongside with rejuvenating cosmetic effect from making skin more nourished and supple, the application of mud has a strong anti-cellulite effect. Also, the gradual warming of the whole body has a positive effect on respiratory, bone and muscular systems, and promotes weight loss. Relaxation helps to relieve emotional stress, and going to Rasul may be considered as an anti-stress treatment. The feeling of energy surge and high spirits are the rewards of going to Rasul.

The predecessor of modern Rasul was found by archaeologists and dated back to four thousand years B.C. At that time Rasul had much smaller size. Historians suggested that the Egyptian civilization during its cultural and technical flourish laid the foundation for development not only for the modern Rasul, but also for Roman and Turkish baths. Egyptians cared about their health and liked wrapping their bodies with seaweed and beeswax. The ancient Rasul has continually served its key purpose until modern times as a place for healing and cosmetic spa treatments.


People with any diseases in acute condition, or with cardiovascular, oncologic and skin diseases should not use Rasul. Pregnant women may visit Rasul only after consulting their doctor.