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The principle of the eucalyptus aromatic steam sauna is the same as the one of a classical Roman steam room. The same temperature range of 50 – 70 C and humidity of 100 % create a pleasant, enveloping thermal effect for visitors of a hot room.

Natural oils that are added to the steam increase the benefits of a classic steam therapy. The unique blend of plant and fruit oils creates unique environment, where the body can relax, and the nervous and respiratory systems are stimulated to strengthen the immune system. Regular aromatic steam treatments ensure rejuvenating effect on the skin.

The aquamarine blue of the shimmering glass tiles that surround visitors to this sauna create a harmonious and relaxing atmosphere to compliment the curative effect of natural aromas.

Since the ancient times aromatherapy has been used by many cultures all over the world and in our days it has also become popular in North America with many stores selling diffusers and nebulizers for home use.

The difference between the Aromatic sauna and the Roman Steam Room is the use of aromatherapy. The general recommendations for use are the same as the ones presented in “Roman Steam room” section.


Avoid Eucalyptus Steam Room if you are highly sensitivities to smell and may have a negative emotional reaction to specific scents that are used in this sauna.  People with known allergic reactions to aromatic oils should not be using this facility either.

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