Russian Banya

Russian Banya
The ART of SAUNA offers one of the largest banyas in North America.

Our steam room has lime (linden) wood paneling. When heated, this wood will produce a pleasant honey aroma.

Although the Russian banya has the same principle of heating air and water to steam condition as many other baths in the world, the Russian sweating rooms have some specific features.

As a rule, there are 2 or 3 levels (shelves) with temperatures reaching 60-70 degrees C on the bottom shelf, and 80-90 degrees C on the top shelf. Humidity ranges from 70 to 90%. It takes some getting used to, but experienced fans of the Russian banya can endure the steam with temperatures of 100 degrees C and 100% humidity.


If you have an acute illness, weak general health, any form of cancer, thrombophlebitis, or some form of skin conditions that is heat or steam intolerant, avoid sauna use. If you are pregnant or suffering from low blood pressure or hypertension, please consult your doctor before using the banya.

Another important element of the Russian Banya is the use of a special “Venik”, usually a bunch of dried birch, oak, eucalyptus, fir, or juniper branches with leaves. It is used to fan the hot steam from above closer to the human body. Another its use is to massage or scrub the body to increase the effect of heat and improve blood circulation, especially in combination with cold water. The Russian sweat room promotes healthy immunity, speeds up metabolism, restores nervous and muscular systems, and promotes weight loss.

Medicinal herbs can be added to produce healing effects when inhaled, and honey, salt and other products can be used for body treatments.

Headwear of some sort is usually recommended to protect the head from overheating.

The loss of fluids occurs as the body produces large amounts of sweat, and it is extremely important to replenish the loss by drinking water, herbal tea, juice, Russian kvass, or mineral water between the sessions. We strongly advise against drinking of alcohol as it would further dehydrate the body.

The best time to use the Russian Banya is 1.5 – 2 hours after a meal.

Beginners should exercise caution and enter Banya no more than three times in one visit. When inside, assess your level of tolerance and don’t overdo it. It is generally recommended to use Banya from once per month to three times a week to achieve the best health effects.

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