Angelica honey contains vitamins of all major groups, trace elements (sodium, calcium, iron, magnesium, iodine, phosphorus and others) and enzymes.

In terms of mineral concentration, this honey is superior to all light varieties. In addition, the composition includes organic acids, fungicides and antiseptics, which are rich in honey.

The composition of this type of nectar does not allow for a second to doubt its natural benefits and special properties. Minerals, vitamins, amino acids are an invaluable contribution to the human body. Angelica honey has a number of healing properties. It has an effect:

Immune system booster, antiviral. This product helps to strengthen the body’s defenses in stressful, peak seasonal diseases. High loads, postoperative time will be easier if you use honey from angelica to a reasonable extent.

Tonic. A portion of nectar per day will have a beneficial effect on a person’s energy, working capacity, his mood.

AntiBactericidal – the composition of this product is quite capable of coping with pathogenic bacteria.

Cleansing- It is noted that angelica honey helps cleanse the body of toxins.

Healing and anti-inflammatory – angelica honey activates the regenerative abilities of the body and also helps to overcome inflammatory processes.

In addition, this type of nectar can calm the nervous system. It positively affects mental processes, helps to maintain the maximum concentration of attention for longer, stimulates brain activity.