Ancient Raindrop Massage

Ancient Raindrop Massage

An unforgettable experience!

Using twelve essential oils commonly used in biblical times, Art of Sauna’s Raindrop masseuse – Jacqueline, provides yet another of the late Gary Young’s powerful healing modalities.

Both the Ancient Raindrop and the Raindrop Massage are relaxing yet stimulating, intense as well as calming, detoxifying, strongly aromatic, and very unique. Different essential oils are used in the two treatments and the two treatments are very different.

The Ancient Raindrop Massage is an emotional and nurturing massage that adapts to what the body and mind need at the time.
As always, the Young Living oils are intuitive and powerful adaptogens, doing their work on all levels- physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.


Massage includes

  • access to 8 sauna for 2 hours
  • shower towel

  • bathrobe

  • locker with a lock

  • toiletries


45 min
60 min


Saturday/Sunday only

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Oils used

  • Spikenard: Good for allergies, nausea, migraines, nerves. Emotional and cardio support.

  • Myrtle: Normalizes thyroid hormones. Helps throat, lung and sinus infections.

  • Hyssop: Emotional cleansing and healing. Energetic protection.

  • Rose of Sharon: Cell regeneration. Good for wrinkes.

  • Cypress: Helps with scar tissue. Reduces swelling. Strengthens teeth and gums.

  • Onycha: Vanilla perfume scent. Relieve constipation.

  • Cassia: Antibacterial. Uplifts mood when feelings down or stressed.

  • Galbanum: Brings harmony and balance. Good for coughs and chronic asthma. Raises the vibration of other oils when combined with them.

  • Frankincense: Antifungal, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory.

  • Myrrh: Assists with balancing blood sugar. Softens skin. Antifungal, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory.

  • Sandalwood: Used in many traditions for meditation. Used in skin care for moisturizing and normalizing. Sedative.

  • CedarwoodLymphatic stimulation. Reduces cellulite. Grounding.