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With all our facials that we offer at Art of Sauna we start off with a skin analysis with one of our spa therapists, if this is your first facial, we ask that you arrive 15 minutes early to fill out a consultation form. We also recommend that you receive your facial after using the sauna for the most optimal results and so that the serum and moisturiser don’t wash off in the steam rooms.

Our facials first start off with a Cleanser to remove dirt, pollution and impurities from the skin surface and prepare it for the next step which will be to tone the skin with a refreshing toner to help balance the natural pH levels. Then the therapist will exfoliate the skin to remove dead skin cells that dull your natural complexion followed by a face mask that is applied to the skin using a variety of techniques to increase blood flow and lymphatic drainage, the mask is typically left on the skin for about 10-15 minutes. While the mask is being absorbed by your skin the therapist will do a relaxing hand and foot massage to help you relax and slip into a calm stat of well being. The therapist will then treat your skin with a serum suited best for your skin type depending on if your suffering from lack of firmness, acne or rosacea. The facial is then finished with a moisturizer and eye cream to hydrate the skin and replenish hydration.

*upgrade to a 60-minute facial to receive a lip exfoliation to help plump up the lips and leave them
smooth and hydrated.
*please note that we do not do extractions with our facials.

Eminence Facial


Casmara Mask


Moore Spa Facial

30% off for Turkish Bath details
30% off for Turkish Bath detail