Reflexology Style Foot Massage

Reflexology Style Foot Massage

Indulgence for body and mind

Enjoy a relaxing foot massage performed in one of our comfy reclining chairs. First start with a 15 min foot soak in a traditional Chinese medical foot bath to help draw out toxins from the body. While your feet soak the body worker will massage your back, shoulder and neck to relieve muscle tension. Once complete sit back, grab a cup of hibiscus tea and snuggle under a warm blanket for the rest of your treatment.

Used since ancient times as a natural form of healing therapy our reflexology focuses on the pressure points in your hands and feet, each connected to a specific body part, to help energize the body while promoting relaxation and a feeling of well-being.

We highly recommend using the sauna/steam rooms after your treatment to achieve the best results.

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Foot massage includes

  • access to 8 sauna for 2 hours
  • shower towel

  • bathrobe

  • locker with a lock


45 min
60 min

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