Lomi Lomi Massage

Lomi Lomi Massage

Indulgence for body and mind

Lomi lomi also known as Hawaiian massage originated in the Polynesian islands of the South Pacific. Simply put it means to massage to knead,  rub,  soothe and work in an out.

The massage therapist makes use of the forearms and hands in a fluid rhythmic motion, elbows, knees and feet are also used and sometimes even sticks and hot stones the body worker massages different parts of the body at the same time this helps the receiver to relax as the brain cannot focus on two different areas at once. By not working on areas in isolation a deep sense of peace is achieved.

Lomi Lomi is  both therapeutic in treating conditions and relaxing at the same time it improves flexibility, reduces stress and treats the receiver as a mind, body, spirit Being rather than just a body.

Lomi Lomi is the ‘Rolls Royce’ of massage and once you’ve experienced it you may not want to go back to normal massage.

Massage includes

  • access to 8 sauna for 2 hours
  • shower towel

  • bathrobe

  • locker with a lock



45 min
60 min
90 min

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