Raindrop Massage

Raindrop Massage

An unforgettable experience!

Relax & replenish, breathe deeply & enjoy!

Raindrop Technique is a combination of Aromatherapy, Vita Flex and Relaxation Massage – 9 powerful therapeutic grade Essential oils are applied on the feet and dispersed like raindrops along the spine before they are gently massaged into the tissue.

We suggest coming in and using sauna rooms at least one hour before your appointment in order to receive the optimum benefits from the treatment.


  • Ward off potentially damaging viruses and bacteria

  • Equalize the frequencies of body & mind

  • Relax and invigorate through the power of Essential Oils

  • Detoxify from chemicals and heavy metals

  • Support the circulatory and lymphatic systems

  • Stimulate body alignment


Massage includes

  • access to 8 sauna for 2 hours
  • shower towel

  • bathrobe

  • locker with a lock


45 min
60 min

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Oils used

  • Thyme: one of the most antiseptic essential oils.
  • Oregano: a powerful antimicrobial essential oil. Research at the Weber State University has shown to have a 99% kill rate against in vitro colonies of Streptococcus pneumonia.

  • Basil: can be muscle relaxing, calming to the digestive system, beneficial for mental fatigue.

  • Wintergreen: contains an active principle similar to cortisone (without the side effects!) and can be beneficial for bone, muscle and joint discomfort.

  • Cypress: it is one of the oils most used for the circulatory system. Also antimicrobial.

  • Marjoram: great for soothing muscles and the respiratory system. Assists in calming the nerves. Antimicrobial & antiseptic.

  • Peppermint: helps soothe digestion. Assists concentration and mental accuracy as well as weight loss.

  • Valor blend: found to help the body self correct its balance and alignment, we call it “the chiropractor in a bottle!”

  • Aroma Siez blend: may help relieve tight, sore, tired and aching muscles resulting from sports injuries, fatigue and stress.

To receive the Raindrop Technique at Art of Sauna creates a particularly special experience. After the treatment, one can lie down in the Turkish Hammam or the Himalayan Salt Room and the benefits of the essential oils are even more effective because the heat takes them deeper than they can normally go. The treatment is a very powerful detox. It is suggested to use the facility a few times and get the body accustomed to heat detox. Then add in the Raindrop treatment, so the body can handle a strong detox experience.

Jacqueline Patrief-Bonneau is a very gifted practitioner of the Raindrop Technique. She has seven years experience and received training from The Centre for Aromatherapy Research Education, based out of Marble Hill, Missouri.