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Sergey takes techniques from Russia and the Soviet Union and combines them into a traditional Russian massage, this type of massage is used to treat in reduction of muscle tension and improve blood circulation by identifying tense muscles and fascia spots in the body. Russian massage proves to have many benefits for patients of different age groups and occupation by giving them a positive impact on there overall health. Sergey is the only body workers who offers this unique technique here at Art of Sauna, his extensive education and experience in Russia as well as working at some of the top black sea resorts makes his technique unique to the locals here in Vancouver. Sergey speaks fluent Russian and minimal English so if you have problems understand certain accents and need to communicate during your treatment, we would not advise this service.

Massage includes

• access to 8 sauna for 2 hours
• shower towel
• bathrobe
• locker with a lock

60 min – $120 $84

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