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The Art Of Sauna opened its door in November 2016 with the goal of introducing to Vancouverites and guests various forms of public bath house – age-old traditions to clean, rejuvenate, revitalize, heal and de-stress our bodies.

Hot baths, saunas, steam rooms, hot springs – spa culture took on various forms throughout the world and ages and we picked 8 from traditional saunas for our clients to experience in one facility under one roof.

Our Saunas

All 7 saunas and Hammam are grouped in three different types of saunas: wet, dry and steam.

Wet saunas are represented by Russian Banya, Hammam and Rasul. Dry Saunas include Himalayan Salt Room, Dry Aroma Room and Finish Hot Sauna Room. Steam Rooms include Aroma Steam Room, Salt Steam Room and Hot Roman Steam Room.

There are enormous benefits of each sauna room which are described in respective pages on our website.

Of cause there are traditions and etiquette associated with each sauna and we are excited to introduce it to our patrons. We will continually provide educational programs through or collaboration with local clinics, naturopathic doctors and coaches.

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Our Services

We also have an array of services to compliment sauna experience – deep tissue massage, massage theraphy, turkish bath and other treatments that will have a much greater result after your body is cleansed and warmed up, pores are opened, state of mind is relaxed.

Come and embark on amazing journey to our spa. We are located in Burnaby, just 30 min from Vancouver.

Please, make sure to reserve your sauna appointment, especially on weekends. admission
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