Finnish Dry

Finnish Dry

Our sauna is light, spacious, with wide shelves for comfortable seating, and has an original design.

The sauna is made of special wood (linden and cedar) and has two levels. The salt brought from the Himalayas sparkles with iridescent natural colours and creates a unique atmosphere for emotional restoration and physical relaxation.

This type of sauna became widespread in the Scandinavian countries when the people who lived there began sedentary life. The sauna was the most popular in Finland and it became part of the common culture. That’s why this type of sauna is now called the “Finnish sauna” all over the world.


The main feature of the Finnish sauna is heat emitted by hot stones. The temperature is usually around 60-70 C on the bottom shelf and 80-100 C on the top. As a rule, humidity is only 10-15%, and thus, this type of sauna is called “dry”.

While sitting or lying on a shelf in a sauna under conditions of high heat, the blood circulation accelerates. Toxins expel from the body with sweat, skin clears, the respiratory tract is heated up, the lactic acid accumulated in muscle tissue after physical exercise is dispersed, and the nervous system calms down.

Sauna affects the skin and vascular systems, it creates an effect of training for the heart, and stimulates the immune system, especially if combined with cool or cold water dowsing between sessions, which is very important for prevention of colds and flu. Physical activities, healthy diet, and sauna help to lose excess weight.

It is necessary to restore water and mineral balance between sauna sessions. Hot teas and mineral water are the best options for it.

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