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More than just a SPA

Age-old thermal traditions from different cultures in a modern and elegant environment ensure your ultimate relaxation.

Treat yourself with unique experience: rejuvenate, revitalize, heal and de-stress your body, relax your mind and embrace the lightness you have never felt before.


Massage Therapy

Progressive extended health benefit plans cover clinical treatments and do not require a physician’s referral. You will receive a treatment receipt that you can submit for reimbursement.



Body & face
We have an array of services to compliment sauna experience – relaxing massage, turkish bath, Indian head massage, Shiatsu and other treatments that will have a much greater result after your body is cleansed and warmed up, pores are opened, state of mind is relaxed.



8 thermal rooms

At Art of Sauna, your unique experience is catered with a selection of 8 thermal rooms. Each visit provides you with full access to all rooms, with no time restrictions. It is entirely your choice as to how many rooms you decide to use, and for how long.


November 5
5pm – 9pm


Dedicate a day to beauty, vitality and full body rejuvenation with the art and science of Thermal Therapy all in one experience at our wellness centre. Take off the mask and let your mind and body unwind, recharge and fully relax in the company of other women living in the west coast.

What you get?

  • access to 8 sauna rooms from 5pm to 9pm

  • refreshments
  • door prizes
  • 25% off for selected services (AOS Signature Massage, Raindrop Massage, Turkish Bath, Indian Head Massage, Facial (ticket for the event is included).


Treat yourself with unique Moor Spa Facial. Enjoy healing power of nature.

Book a 60 minutes treatment today.

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That our guests deserve the best and we provide all the conditions to ensure that every hour you spend with us is not only a pleasant and relaxing but also an efficient experience.

  • Thermal rooms allow you to warm up and relax your body before a massage to get maximum of a treatment.
  • Selected high quality and natural cosmetics provide a skin care that respects your skin type and serves your needs the best.

  • Body practioners and specialists are highly qualified professionals in their speciality.

This place is HEAVEN. The images of the saunas and steam rooms make them look huge and comfy, and they totally are. It is SO hard to pick a favorite room out of all 8, but mine is probably a tie between the Salt Water or Eucalyptus steam rooms, which are literally *divine*. My lungs and sinuses feel so much better after, and the salt does wonders for my skin and eyes.

Erica Sletmoen


Welcome to a true Art of Sauna and SPA we designed especially for you. Here you’ll find absolutely everything you’ll need to present your health, spa or beauty oriented business the modern way.