Art of Saunas & Hammam Spa
is closed for public 10/12/2018 from 10am-2pm

Discover our Hammam Spa & 7 saunas from all around the globe

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We are going into our 3 rd year of business with a bang!!!!!

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Start out in one of our 3 different steam rooms with a 15 min of relaxation. The service will then start in the Egyptian Rasul where you will lay on the marble slab. 



I am hesitant to write this, for fear that word will get out about my new secret place and it might get too busy! They deserve a fantastic review, though, so here it is:

This place is HEAVEN. The images of the saunas and steam rooms make them look huge and comfy, and they totally are. It is SO hard to pick a favorite room out of all 8, but mine is probably a tie between the Salt Water or Eucalyptus steam rooms, which are literally *divine*. My lungs and sinuses feel so much better after, and the salt does wonders for my skin and eyes.

The last time we went, we did the full-on Russian Banya with birch venik broom, and slapping each other with hot, wet leaves is way more fun than it should be. And you keep your broom!

The price is just right for this place, not quite Scandinave prices but getting up there, and a bit more than average to scare off the riff-raff. Very accessible, physically and financially. Welcoming, too – the staff are so friendly and kind and have always gone out of their way to help me out when they could.

Seriously… If you like heat or need a spa treatment, or just want to relax in a steam room for a couple hours, check out Art of Sauna. You will not regret it!

Eric Sletmoen

 I had the honor to be taken cared of by Tanya today. I got the Cleopatra package and I felt like a queen. The scrubbing pressure was perfect. The yogurt honey body mask left my skin feeling soft. The massage I had at the very end was the cherry on top! Tanya was very friendly and made me feel comfortable. I will definitely go again to be spoiled and be treated like royalty. Needlesstosay, the facility was clean and had a spa-vibe. If you ever need a reboot or a day to leave ur worries behind, to relax this is the place!!! I really needed a me-day and it was all worth it! ❤

Its Fiffys Life

I loved it!! I won a free visit and had a lovely relaxing &cleansing time. My fav is the blue steam room with the eucalyptus smell and the Hammam where I could play with water lol! Thank you so much!

Sabine Görtz