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As a biohacker and wellness blogger, I experiment with my body by consuming nootropics, undergo extreme workouts, fast 18 hours a day among many other things. Also, I have a very stressful lifestyle so it’s so important for me to find a clean, safe, convenient fun location to just relax. Members of the Art of Sauna super friendly and definitely enjoyed striking up conversations with them while my gf was hitting me up with a birch Venik at Banya Russian Sauna HAHA. Their staff member are very friendly and they checked in on million times we felt very welcomed. PS: I also have an exquisite taste in finding stress releasing environments. Art of Sauna is a favorite of mine at the moment.

Arvin Khamseh
One of my favourite places to unwind, get some reading done whether for homework or pleasure, fight off the cold winter rain blues and give my pores a good sweat.

There are certain things I like to bring when I come here:
Flip flops
An extra towel
Exfoliating gloves or cloth
Face, hair etc masks
Plastic bag (for your wet items after)
Water bottle (there’s water and tea there but come on accessorize)
Snacks (sometimes there’s food there and I think you can order food in as well but call the front desk to find out)
And of course an awesome book
Fabric bag to carry things in

Lots of great skin products to try and purchase there but a must is to buy a sauna hat. My sauna hat helps insulate my head in the hotter rooms so that I can stay in longer and get a better sweat. Some say it also protects your hair from extreme temperatures. Plus they’re super fun. Mine has Russian on it that supposedly says, ‘It’s all good.’

Housecoats are there for rent which are nice, but you can bring your own too.


Each of the sauna and steam rooms have their own unique style which makes a trip here feel like a mini exotic vacation. There’s also a traditional style Russian Banya where you can buy a special type of leafy tree branch that is used for healthy things that I can’t remember but it looks like an interesting thing to try one day.

They sometimes hold events here as well so if you’re on Instagram it pays to keep tabs on it for special deals. I got the 10 visit pass that lets me stay as long as I like which is a steal and I can bring a friend under my account or even arrange for them to go without me. Passes can be shared so you can even split the use and cost with someone.

One thing to keep in mind for Art of Sauna is that there are no pools or hot tubs, so if you’re looking for that type of experience it’s not here!

Always call or email ahead if you can to make a reservation with the front desk staff. This ensures you don’t get turned away if they’re maxed out for capacity or if they’re booked for a special event.

If you have RMT coverage you can call ahead and see if you can make an appointment with one here and then your admission to the sauna is free.

Free parking is in the basement and there’s a little bit of a labyrinth getting to the lobby but the doors are all well marked.

The process for the sauna that I’ve learned goes like this:
Up to 15 minutes in a sauna or steam room.
Get doused in cold water to bring down body temp.
Wrap yourself up, drink water.
Rest in the solarium for 15-30mins or more to regulate your body temp.
Repeat as many times as you like!

The room with the big heated marble slab is the best place to do your body scrubs and face masks.

Hope you get to go sometime!

PS The Himalayan Salt room is lovely.

I am hesitant to write this, for fear that word will get out about my new secret place and it might get too busy! They deserve a fantastic review, though, so here it is:

This place is HEAVEN. The images of the saunas and steam rooms make them look huge and comfy, and they totally are. It is SO hard to pick a favorite room out of all 8, but mine is probably a tie between the Salt Water or Eucalyptus steam rooms, which are literally *divine*. My lungs and sinuses feel so much better after, and the salt does wonders for my skin and eyes.

The last time we went, we did the full-on Russian Banya with birch venik broom, and slapping each other with hot, wet leaves is way more fun than it should be. And you keep your broom!

The price is just right for this place, not quite Scandinave prices but getting up there, and a bit more than average to scare off the riff-raff. Very accessible, physically and financially. Welcoming, too – the staff are so friendly and kind and have always gone out of their way to help me out when they could.

Seriously… If you like heat or need a spa treatment, or just want to relax in a steam room for a couple hours, check out Art of Sauna. You will not regret it!

Eric Sletmoen
Please, make sure to reserve your sauna appointment, especially on weekends. admission
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