Himalayan Salt Room

Himalayan Salt Room
The jewel of our complex is a dry sauna made of Himalayan salt. It is one of the most powerful healing treatments offered by the ART of SAUNA.

The Himalayan salt was formed 200 – 250 million years ago as a result of mixing hot magma that erupted from volcanoes, with salt that boiled away from an ancient ocean. This process created unique composition of salt containing more than 80 microelements that are essential for life of any live organism. Non-uniform mixing with magma made Himalayan salt iridescent and multi coloured, sparkling with yellow, pink and brown shades.

Scientists believe that extraction of the Himalayan salt began during the Indian campaign of Alexander the Great, in 327 – 325 B.C. in what is now modern Pakistan, near Khevr. Until now the Himalayan salt was extracted manually.

As mankind started to use salt in dishes, it enhanced and improved the taste of our food and helped to protect food from spoiling by killing harmful bacteria. This antiseptic property of salt was widely used in home medicine by many cultures around the world. Salt also helps to restore electrolytic balance after the loss of fluids. Heated salt keeps heat for a long time and emits it gradually, which renders it useful in physiotherapeutic and healing treatments of rhinitis, otitis and myositis.

If you are coming to enjoy our Thermal rooms as a stand-alone experience please bring your own towels. Guests coming for treatments receive two towels. 


Counter indications for sessions in Himalayan sauna are any disease in acute condition, including cold, cancer, cardiovascular and some skin diseases. Pregnant women should avoid visiting the Himalayan sauna.

The basic distinctive feature of this type of sauna is the use of heated salt crystals scattered on the floor where our patrons can sit and and lie down. The guests can spread a towel or a sheet on a shelf and enjoy deep slow penetration of pleasant heat into the body. It is recommended to stay in the salt sauna for 10-15 minutes. During this time, blood circulation and cell metabolism improve, the body detoxifies and restores its energy and vitality. The antiseptic or antibacterial action of salt, together with thermal influence have a powerful positive impact on the respiratory system and serve as an excellent way to restore muscular activity after stressful exercise.

The walls made of Himalayan salt are illuminated with soft light beams. It is especially helpful for people suffering from SAD or seasonal depression, which is caused by long fall and winter months with dull weather, frequent rain and lack of sunshine. Himalayan salt sauna can help restore emotional balance and improve moods.

It is recommended to visit the Himalayan salt sauna about two times a week and to have 2-3 sessions of 10-15 minutes each with 15-20 minutes breaks in between. During the break, the guests can drink warm herbal or fruit teas with natural honey. Use Himalayan sauna at any part of the day – in the morning, afternoon or evening. The result will be the feeling of physical ease and high spirits!

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