Aroma Steam Room

Aroma Steam Room

The Aroma Steam room is a modern combination of up-to-date technologies and ancient traditions. It is based on the Roman steam room enhanced with finely dispersed salt in the air carried by warm steam. Salt has positive direct effect on the skin and respiratory organs. Modern style reflected in the design of the steam room emphasizes a new approach to the art of bathing.

In this sauna, the steam is saturated with healing salt while temperatures are reaching 40-60 C and humidity of 100%. The tiny particles of salt are dispersed across the whole room by a special dispenser and are mixed with hot steam pumped in by a powerful steam generator. The salt mix adds vigor and promotes well-being for the skin and respiratory system, supports immunity by increasing resistance to colds, and relieves the body from toxins


The municipal Roman baths are almost 2,500 years old. Their principle is based on the use of healing properties of hot steam. In our time, steam inhalations with medicinal herbs, soda or salt have long been used as home remedies to relieve the symptoms of common colds. Modern technology allows us to combine steam and salt into a uniform and unique concept that is offered in many large baths and spa complexes in Europe and North America.

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