Aroma Steam Room

Aroma Steam Room

The Aroma Steam room is a modern combination of up-to-date technologies and ancient traditions. It is based on the Roman steam room and we add the beautiful and popular Escents Aromatherapy essentials oils to the steam. A different essential oil is featured every month. The modern style which is reflected in the design of the steam room emphasizes a new approach to the art of bathing.

In this sauna, the steam is saturated with the essential oil of Lemongrass while temperatures are reaching 40-60 C and a humidity level of 100%.

If you are coming to enjoy our Thermal rooms as a stand-alone experience please bring your own towels. 


If you have an acute illness, weak general health, any form of cancer, thrombophlebitis, or some form of skin conditions that is heat or steam intolerant, avoid sauna use. If you are pregnant or suffering from low blood pressure or hypertension, please consult your doctor before using the banya.

The municipal Roman baths are almost 2,500 years old. Their principle is based on the use of healing properties of hot steam. In our time, steam inhalations with medicinal herbs or essential oils, soda, or salt have long been used as home remedies to relieve the symptoms of common colds. Modern technology allows us to combine steam and essential oils into a uniform and unique concept that is offered in many large baths and spa complexes in Europe and North America.

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