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At Art of Sauna, your unique experience is catered with a selection of 8 thermal rooms. Each visit provides you with full access to all rooms, with no time restrictions. It is entirely your choice as to how many rooms you decide to use, and for how long.


Hammam is a slow and deep body heating and lower temperatures. With its white marble walls and floor, marble table and stone kurnas, this classic, centuries old design creates an authentic feel.



A room to relax and enjoy the benefits of salt bricks made of millions of years old salt deposits found deep in the Himalayan mountains. The back lit salt brick walls and heated resting area with loose granulated salt make this room an ultimate relaxation.

russian banya burnaby

Russian Sauna uses high temperatures for rapid body heating combining heat and steam. It features a unique massage with Venik – wood branches bunch of different tree species.

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This dry sauna with up to 20% humidity and herbal scent therapy is designed to show where the sauna culture started. Made with reclaimed wood using a simple centuries old cabin design, it takes you back in time.

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This classic Finnish dry sauna is enhanced with back lit Himalayan salt bricks that give a unique twist to this classic therapy.

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dry aroma steam


This steam sauna is designed to create a feeling of a warm summer night under the bright star filled sky. Enjoy the subtle fragrance of natural oils mixed with steam.

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salt steam room

Salt infused steam creates a feeling of being on the ocean and has a healing effect on breathing system. Modern room design with classic colors enhances the experience.

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The Roman baths appeared in ancient Rome and were originally built over hot springs. Ancient Rome was the first civilization where public baths became popular and widespread among the population, and were associated with culture, health, art, and even political movements.

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30% off for Turkish Bath details
30% off for Turkish Bath detail