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Our Roman steam room with its arch ceiling and the mosaic picture of the Roman Colosseum, its natural stone walls in the style of sandstone widely used in the Roman Empire, all designed to recreate the unique atmosphere of antiquity. Warm steam and subdued lighting make this room cozy and comfortable. A visit to the Roman steam room will bring you pleasure, feeling of inner comfort, and physical relaxation.

The Roman baths appeared in ancient Rome and were originally built over hot springs. The Ancient Rome was the first civilization where public baths became popular and widespread among the population, and were associated with culture, health, art, and even political movements.

Key features of the Roman steam room, unlike the Turkish Hammam, are higher temperatures (50-70C) and high humidity (100%). In ancient times, the Roman sweating rooms were provided with steam by heating water in large kettles that were located on lower floors. The steam entered the sweating room through small holes in a floor creating pleasant wet warmth.

High humidity combined with 60-700C heat has an important effect on a human body. Water condensation on skin along with sweat helps to relieve the body from toxins. It benefits the skin and assists in weight loss. Warming effect of the steam on respiratory system promotes healing of chronic processes, such as bronchitis, provided they are not in acute condition. It helps to better restore and regenerate nervous and muscular systems after physical activities.

It is recommended to have several (3 to 5) sessions in a steam room with duration of 5-10 minutes each, depending on personal preference and condition of the body. You can use the Roman steam room either in the A.M. or P.M. – the mornings will provide you with energy for the whole day, while the evening treatments will have a relaxing effect.

It is very important to restore water and electrolytes by drinking herbal and fruit teas, either warm or hot. You can also have a cold drink if you are not susceptible to frequent colds with sore throat and cough. Drinks containing caffeine, like tea and coffee, will raise blood pressure and should be avoided.


Counter indications for visiting the steam rooms should be observed very strictly. Any person suffering from weak health, or with any symptoms of cold or inflammatory diseases in acute condition should not be attending the steam room. This treatment is counter indicated for people with cardiovascular problems, skin diseases or cancer. Pregnant women should not be using the steam room.

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