Turkish Hammam

Turkish Hammam
The Hammam can be visited at any time of the day. The morning bath will give you high spirits and physical ease for the whole day, and the evening session will ensure deep regenerative sleep.

Hammam term can also be referred to Turkish Bath.

It features a central marble slab, big enough to comfortably accommodate five people. The marble benches around the central stone have room for eight more people and four bowls with fresh water. The dome-shaped ceiling ensures that condensation will run down the walls and not drip over bathers.

The roots of the Turkish Bath go back to Byzantium and the Roman Empire where public baths or thermae (facilities for bathing) were very popular. The Turkish Baths became widespread in Arab countries like Syria, Iraq, Morocco, Tunisia, Lebanon and even Tadjikistan; they became integral part of Islamic culture.

Nowadays, Hammam is included into spa complexes of almost all high-end hotels in Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia, and can also be found in many countries outside of Middle East in Europe and Asia.

If you are coming to enjoy our Thermal rooms as a stand-alone experience please bring your own towels. Guests coming for treatments receive two towels. 


Reasons for avoiding visiting the hammam include any diseases in acute condition, cancer, thrombophlebitis, varicose veins, tendency to form blood clots, and dermatosis. Do Not use the hammam when intoxicated by drugs or alcohol. Pregnant women and people with low or high blood pressure and other cardiovascular diseases can visit hammam after consulting their doctor.

The basic feature of Hammam is gradual warming up of the body that comes from hot marble of the central stone, benches, and the floor, which are heated to 40-50C. Warm and cold water evaporated from the stone surfaces provide humidity in the air which reach around 80-90 %.

During the recommended session, the body gradually heats up, and inhalation of the warm humid air creates a positive effect on the bronchial tubes and lungs. The rejuvenating effect on the skin is enhanced by using a special scrub glove to remove dead cells and open pores. Massaging the body in a heated room promotes restoration of the muscular tissue and joints, especially after physical activity. It is recommended to stay in hammam for no longer than 30 minutes for each session. As your body temperature increases, cool water from bowls are splashed over the body and face to bring your body to a neutral temperature. The stone table is usually covered with a towel or sheet for comfortable sitting. It is recommended to drink herbal and fruit drinks or teas in between the sessions.

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