Sauna is so old and yet so new for many. Also known as ‘bath house’, sauna has been around for centuries and has been interpreted in many ways, used by people and animals. Scandinavians are proud of their sauna, Russians praise Banya, the Turkish pride themselves in Hammam, and the Roman Baths existed in great numbers throughout ancient Rome.

We can say sauna has traveled the world along with people. Used for both: recreational and medical purposes. Some got to know of it earlier, some later but once they got accustomed to it, they could not live without it.


Taking care of your well-being is a must, but it can also be a challenge for many. Ironically, in a time of information abundance, the question is not HOW, but WHEN can you possibly find time to take care of yourself?
We have become experts on making excuses why we cannot do this or that. In order to accomplish the ultimate well-being, we need to learn how to manage our very own ME time. And here is a reason WHY.
Sauna therapy is an excellent method to detoxify and heal the body, mind and spirit. A relaxing sauna treatment can help remove more toxins than almost any other method of detoxification! Our bodies are built to detox to a certain extent on their own. However, because we are exposed to so many more toxins today than ever before in human history, it’s important for us to practice simple detox measures on a regular basis, even daily.


I personally love saunas! They also activate our greatest detox organ… OUR SKIN! We are spending tons of money for skin care products, which in most part make it more difficult for the skin to breath! This is one more reason why, you need to consider this new venue of detox.


1. Extreme stress reduction

Something for everyone who suffer from “Rushing People Syndrome”. Sauna is a huge stress fighter. Thanks to sugar, caffeine, lack of sleep, stressed adrenals, and toxic chemical exposure, many of us are stuck in the sympathetic, or “fight or flight” state. Saunas encourage our bodies to go into the parasympathetic state, which allows us to de-stress, digest, rest, and heal.

benefits of using a sauna

2. Balance hormones

Stress reduction helps to lower stress hormones (cortisol). When cortisol is kept in balance, thyroid, insulin, DHEA, testosterone, and estrogen are also kept in balance. In fact, progesterone levels can increase if we keep our cortisol in healthy range. Saunas help the adrenals secrete aldosterone, a hormone that helps keep electrolytes in balance too. Men and women alike can take their hormonal health under control. Many of our clients have already benefited greatly after using wet and dry saunas for balancing their hormones.

3. Feel rejuvenated

Our body has a certain level for heat tolerance. Regular use of saunas increases the heat tolerance threshold. This leads to significant improvements in endurance sports, as regular sauna users have a higher heat tolerance level and thus, feel less fatigue and can maintain their energy level over a prolonged period of time, improving performance. Hence sauna benefits greatly after work out and is very often used and recommended by athletes.


4. Anti Aging Benefits

Using sauna on a regular basis can help reduce signs of aging and help your skin be healthier and younger-looking. Flushing toxins improves your lymphatic drainage which stimulates collagen and elastin production. Collagen and elastin help plump and firm the skin which can also help alleviate stretch marks and cellulite.
Deep sweating can also help improve skin cell turnover. It can remove bacteria from the skin, which helps with acne and improves skin health. Additionally, it reduces inflammation, which can alleviate skin issues such as psoriasis and eczema. Sauna works great for different skin types: normal, oily and dry.

5. Weight Loss

Saunas can help with weight loss. Saunas can increase heart rate while lowering blood pressure and increasing oxygenation and metabolic rate. These physiological effects are incredibly similar to cardio exercise!
Burn your calories effortlessly and shed of extra weight with ease!

6. Improve circulation and oxygenation

When you are in a hot, dry or steam sauna, the body temperature begins to rise. This causes the blood vessels to dilate, which increases blood flow and circulation. Blood brings nutrients as well as oxygen to the body tissues and helps them heal. It is a great practice for increasing energy and stamina.

7. Cardiovascular Health

We already know that sauna reduces blood pressure, increase oxygenation and blood circulation, all of which supports heart health. Studies show saunas are less likely than exercise to cause cardiac episodes in men who have underlying heart conditions.

8. Helps with many medical conditions

Saunas have been shown to be useful in alleviating symptoms associated with depression, autoimmune disease, chronic pain and fatigue. It helps with chronic tension headaches. Sauna therapy reduced pain and fatigue associated with rheumatoid arthritis, endometriosis, fibromyalgia, poor digestion, diabetes.
Sauna therapy has even been used to support various cancer treatments.

9. Removes heavy metals & chemicals

Many toxins seem to prefer to excrete into sweat versus blood or urine. Arsenic, cadmium, lead, and mercury have been shown in studies to be excreted through the skin just as well or even better than they are excreted through urine.

Read more on detoxification through skin.

10. Improve your social interaction

Sauna is an excellent way to spend time with your loved once or meet new like-minded people. If you are new in the area, or you are lonely, sauna is a perfect place to extend your circles of friends. For brides- or grooms-to-be it is an amazing place to prep for the special day! If you are mourning, it is an amazing place for meditation. Alone or together, sauna is just the place to connect to people with similar interests.

As you can see there are many healthy benefits of using a sauna. But one of them is not mentioned above which is a sauna hat. Why wear a hat in a sauna? Find out here.


After learning about 10 amazing health benefits of using a sauna, you will want to book an appointment in the nearest future at our sauna complex near Vancouver.

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