Saunas have been used in various cultures all over the world for over two millennia. The practice is gaining more recognition as an important wellness tool in our modern society where everyone is exposed to more toxins than ever before.

In this article we will discuss some benefits of using a sauna, in particular enjoying a public sauna experience such as what one experiences at Art of Sauna.


Art of Sauna admission includes access to eight saunas: three dry saunas, two wet saunas, and three steam room, each sauna has in incredible beauty all its own.

There are many spas all over this beautiful province. The unique and gorgeous Art of Sauna in Burnaby, British Columbia is a space for healing. Patrons are introduced to sauna cultures both modern and ancient.

Art of Sauna asks that everyone who has a medical condition please speak to a Doctor before using the saunas and steam rooms in the facility. This article is for interests sake, we are not making medical claims.

Written by Shannon Matter, Aromatherapist

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