Turkish Bath term can also be referred to Hammam Room.
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Imagine your whole body covered in a special olive oil bubble foam.

You might not be familiar with this treatment. It is much more than a regular massage. It is a relaxing and purifying treatment that cleanses the whole body. Hamam Bath is the oldest cleansing bath ritual in the world. A beautiful treatment where your face, hands, feet, and hair are washed with natural olive oil soap. It is a purifying and refreshing ceremony inspired by the genuine ancient ritual practiced in Byzantine times. The treatment promotes well-being for body, mind and spirit and leave you skin feel smooth and look bright.

What is a traditional Turkish bath?

The treatment starts in one of our 2 different steam rooms. The Eucalyptus Aroma Steam is the one we especially recommend. Your relaxation process begins here for the first 15 minutes. The high temperature will prepare your skin for the treatment. You will start sweating which will make your skin more soft and elastic, and easier to exfoliate.

After that you will be taken to the Egyptian Rasul which is a private room inside our traditional Hammam Room. Here you will lay down on a heated stone table and your body will be cleansed from head to toe. First the masseuse will scrub your body for about ten minutes using a Kese Mitt Glove. It is an authentic Turkish abrasive glove meant to remove the dead skin from the body which allows for healthy skin cells to take its place. You might be surprised at the amount of skin peeling away! This exfoliation process will prepare your body for a deep cleansing.

Then… you get bathed. You will be covered with natural olive oil soap foam. With a cotton cloth the masseuse will form big white pieces of foam and spread it evenly all over your body. You will be gently foam washed from hair to feet. After that your body will be rinsed with warm water.

After enjoying a full body wash you have the option to follow the bath with a coconut cream and honey mask – depending on whether you choose the Sultan or the Cleopatra package.

Treat yourself to this total rejuvenation and experience the many benefits of this cleansing ritual.

Turkish Bath Benefits

If you allow your mind and muscles relax during the hammam treatment you will benefit from it in many ways.

  • removes dead skins
  • allows deep relaxation
  • eases muscle tension
  • reduces stress
  • improves the quality of your skin, brightens and softens it
  • increases blood circulation
  • helps to eliminate toxins
  • reduce cellulite

The Hammam Bath is an exquisite part of Turkish culture and we have brought it here to Burnaby, British Columbia, the city just east of Vancouver. Indulge yourself in this unique treatment and experience a journey to our 8 saunas from all around the globe.

egyptian rasul


An authentic Turkish bath treatment that is performed in our private Egyptian Rasul sauna room.