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How to book an appointment?2020-07-31T08:05:52-07:00

Bookings are necessary – call 604 484 7944 or book online to reserve your time slot. As weekends book out fairly quickly, we encourage guests to call at least a week in advance to reserve a spot, especially in the Winter. Please plan to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your treatment to begin on time.

We can’t guarantee there will be an opening for walk-ins.

Please, book your appointment online using one of these

You can also call one of our receptionist at (604) 484- 7944

What should I bring?2020-06-07T06:41:45-07:00

Bathing Suit is a preferred choice in our saunas but you can choose to wear a towel, no undergarments, please.

Footwear. Bring with you a pair of sandals or flip-flops as it is mandatory not to have bare feet while visiting Art Of Sauna.

Towel. One shower towel is provided for your shower after using the saunas. You may bring an extra towel.

Bathrobe. We provide a 100% Turkish Cotton Bathrobe with treatment reservations only. We offer robes on a rental basis ($10 + tax). You may bring your own robe.

Water. We have water coolers and dispensers but it is always a good idea to have your own bottle of water, so you can stay hydrated throughout your stay. Water bottles can be purchased at the spa. Healthy smoothies and juices are available at the reception.

Toiletries. We supply shampoo, conditioner, or body wash. We also offer a selection of signature products that may be purchased at the front desk.

Sauna Amenities: We provide you with a locker for your personal belongings. We recommend you to leave your valuables at home, as Art of Sauna cannot be responsible for lost or stolen items.

Hairdryers we do have it.

Sauna hat. You can rent one of our sauna hats.

Plastic bag. You may need a bag for your wet items after.

What to expect from your visit?2020-09-29T00:36:21-07:00

At Art of Sauna, your unique experience is catered with a selection of 8 thermal rooms. Each visit provides you with full access to all rooms. It is entirely your choice as to how many rooms you decide to use.

Our unique offerings combine heat with a fusion of aromatherapy or minerals, allowing you to dive deep into your relaxation. Your body and mind find ease as you move through your experience.

We recommend that you begin the warm up at one of our lower temperature saunas (Himalayan Salt Room or Turkish Hammam for 10-15 minutes. After that, you may proceed in the rooms with higher temperature. Take a rest at our lounging area to assess the adaptation of your body, before proceeding with the next treatments.

Ensure to stay hydrated throughout your treatment, and take your time to cool down.

Arrival Time (Check-in)2020-09-29T00:41:05-07:00

For your best experience we recommend to use the saunas for at least an hour prior your treatment or 10 min the latest. If you are running late, please call us, and we will do our best to accommodate you. However, in consideration of the next guest, we may limit the time of your treatment.

Can pregnant women use the sauna?2019-10-10T01:02:36-07:00

At Art of Sauna, we want to make sure everyone is safe. Pregnant women have to have a doctor’s note. [link]

Is there parking?2020-01-26T17:31:00-08:00

Please do not park on any side streets or at the parking lot behind the building as your car will be towed.

We have complimentary parking in our parking garage located right under the building off 6th street, you will want to park in the spots reserved for art of sauna customers. Please be aware that the gate closes at 8:00pm. You will be able to leave the parkade after 8:00pm but you will not be able to enter after 8:00pm.

Can I bring in my own food?2020-09-29T00:35:17-07:00

Please note that food cannot be brought into the spa by guests and guests do not have in & out privileges.

Are children allowed in the facility?2019-10-10T01:03:51-07:00

No, the Art of Sauna is reserved for adults of 16 years and over

What are your hours?2020-06-07T06:45:32-07:00

Our regular working hours are Monday – Sunday 10am to 9pm.

Due to COVID-19 safety protocol we have temporarily changed sauna hours to 10:00am, 1:00pm, 4:00pm and 7:00pm. Please read more about an updated schedule and afety measures.

Why do people wear hats in the sauna?2019-10-21T15:50:58-07:00

The felt hat is an important accessory when steaming, this is because the felt is a great insulator, meaning that it keeps the air inside of it at a constant temperature. The felt hat helps raise your core temperature without feeling overheated because it keeps your head dry and cool. Learn more.

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