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Now that summer is coming to an end and many start or go back to college and high school, intense preparations take place to look better, including loads of conventional acne solutions and cosmetics to burn, make magically disappear overnight or to mask.

I’ve heard many young men sight with a sense of envy about tinted creams or heavy foundations available to women who are able to somehow look flawless to the naked yet distant eye throughout the troublesome years and beyond. Problem is that nowadays skin conditions don’t disappear with the end of teenage years but often continue long into adulthood, for the reasons explained below. While there is nothing wrong with masking, and actually I often recommend it to women provided that product used is naturally based of good quality, it is a temporary “patching” solution. It raises the woman’s self-esteem during the day only to plum it down at night when she washes the face. For that reason, many women often don’t take the make-up off, which on its own contributes to even bigger outbreaks.

We cover acne, we burn it with acids and antibiotics and we treat it as a natural part of puberty or menstrual circles.

But should we?

With skin being the largest detoxifying organ in our body, it only does what it’s supposed to be doing – eliminating toxins that don’t serve us.

Skin is your first line of defense, help it get rid of toxins!

Whether you eat foods that don’t serve you (for many it is gluten and dairy), apply chemicals on your skin (all those cosmetics that the liver cannot process), breathe in toxic particles from your environment or go through the mental anguish causing toxic molecules of emotion (self-guilt, lack of love, living in the past), it all ends-up in your liver. If the liver is congested and cannot catch-up with filtration, all those toxic particles that cannot be broken down properly and eliminated end-up on your skin.

Then there are hormonal imbalances, the ones that show up in the form of painful acne before your period.

“Acne is usually due to an imbalance in the family of hormones called androgens, which include testosterone and DHEA among others”, as explained by Dr. Sara Gottfried who trained me in the Hormone Cure method. Here is how she describes what causes the hormonal acne in three steps:

  1. Testosterone stimulates the oil-making (sebaceous) glands.
  2. The pores get plugged and trap the oil inside. Bacteria grow in the trapped oil, causing the production of irritants.
  3. Your immune system finds out. Like with most things in the body, this is good and bad news. Your army of immune cells fights the bacteria, and that renders the redness, swelling, pus-like fluid and later scarring. Pretty! This is the part we would all love to skip.

Now that you know what causes acne, here are your basic steps to Acne Free Living:

Our bodies are the only ones we will ever have, and yet we often take this fact for granted until something happens to them. Our bodies are a storage of fear and old patterns, they need continuous loving care. When one engages in yoga, breath techniques, healthy eating and thinking and makes massage part of their life routine, one can move through life with ease. Isn’t it what we all want? Releasing fear and old patterns of thinking and behaving is best achieved when you couple all the above methods together and engage a health coach to help you navigate through the complexities of human body and mind. All these techniques allow us to evolve to a higher level of personal awareness bringing us joy, peace and personal freedom.

Our mission here at Art of Saunas &  Spa is to delight you in our luxurious and health and longevity oriented body maintenance services and make you fall in love with your own bodies.

Luxurious doesn’t mean reserved for the rich and famous. The meaning of Luxurious also includes giving self-indulgent or sensuous pleasure, extremely comfortable, elegant, or enjoyable.

  • Try to go off dairy or reduce it significantly. Most of the world is lactose and casein intolerant. Whether you are or aren’t fact is dairy proteins are hard to digest, especially the processed, pasteurized kind. You can try much more easily digestible goat cheeses in small quantities or raw cheeses, but give yourself a three-week break and see how your skin improves.
  • Eliminate sugar – it aggravates acne, feeds Candida and cancer, and creates a myriad of health issues.
  • Drink smoothies – it is an easy and delicious way to squeeze in few cups of fruits and vegetables.
  • Drink water – roughly half of body weight in ounces daily, to flush water soluble toxins out.
  • Drink juices daily, adding blood purifying beets and apples beets and apples.
  • Take Manjista to move the lymph, blood fluid responsible for toxin removal (available online).
  • Add more fiber – vegetables, flaxseed meal, acacia which binds to toxins and helps escort them out of the body.
  • Take probiotics daily for the health of your gut. Your gut impacts every organ in your body. If the gut is on fire, so is the skin, the nervous system, the muscles, etc.
  • Get tested for food sensitivities or keep food/mood/poop journal. Anything that doesn’t serve you will show up on your skin.
  • Ask your doctor to test your hormones. If that’s not an option go to online services like Canary Club and get tested yourself.
  • Use the right cosmetics, like Wisdom Serum available at Art of Sauna.
  • Examine and do something about your major life stressors.
  • Check your vitamin D levels and if needed bring them up.

Sweat it all out is our motto at the Art of Sauna. Sweating allows you to open-up the pores and excretes toxins. It offers immediate results and affects the entire skin, not just the face. Schedule your visit today and experience glow!


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