Massage is not a luxury it is a necessity

BlogMassage is not a luxury it is a necessity

Our bodies work hard all of our life. They bend, they stretch, they give birth, they accumulate, they stress and they carry. The emotional weight we impose on our bodies is often much heavier and more damaging than the physical one. Sadness, actual or imaginary fear, disappointment, tension, blame, regret produces stiffness in the body which in time turns into inflammation. After a while, the accumulation of small inflammation, small aches and pains we can live with, turn into accelerated aging machine and disease forming factory making our bodies sick and stiff.

Why massage is good for you?

A masseuse can tell right away if the body is stressed, both physically and emotionally. His hands can detect the knots formed in the shoulder area and neck and will try to soften them up skillfully moving his fingers and palms of his hands around to break up the tension, increasing blood circulation and easing the movement. After an hour of kneading the muscles and tickling the nerves as if saying all is well; an hour spent in an ambient room filled with relaxing music, your body needs a moment to comprehend what happened to it. You are a bit dizzy from all that blood rushing through. You feel so good, you feel loved, you feel well taken care of and you feel younger. That is not a luxury. That is a necessity.

“From the media to the medical culture, you are taught to believe that you are supposed to stiffen and harden as you age and that pain and joint failure are natural. The absurdity of this belief is rather pronounced. The reality is that aging is not responsible for the stiffening of your body. The aging process will intensify as the body becomes stiffer. The actions and thoughts one engages in throughout one’s lifetime are chiefly responsible for the hardening and stiffening of the body. What many refer to as a natural stiffness as they age is actually a life-time of constant fear being held tightly in the musculature. The number of calendar days one accumulates over time have little to do with the degeneration of the body. Stiffness comes first and then you will quickly age after that.” – Jon Burras, Certified Massage Practitioner, Author of Return to Nature

Importance of body massage

Our bodies are the only ones we will ever have, and yet we often take this fact for granted until something happens to them. Our bodies are a storage of fear and old patterns, they need continuous loving care. When one engages in yoga, breath techniques, healthy eating and thinking and makes massage part of their life routine, one can move through life with ease. Isn’t it what we all want? Releasing fear and old patterns of thinking and behaving is best achieved when you couple all the above methods together and engage a health coach to help you navigate through the complexities of human body and mind. All these techniques allow us to evolve to a higher level of personal awareness bringing us joy, peace and personal freedom.

Our mission here at Art of Saunas & Spa is to delight you in our luxurious and health and longevity oriented body maintenance services and make you fall in love with your own bodies.

Luxurious doesn’t mean reserved for the rich and famous. The meaning of luxurious also includes giving self-indulgent or sensuous pleasure, extremely comfortable, elegant, or enjoyable.

When you take good care of your body, it pays you back with health, mobility, freedom and pain free life.

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